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Commission Info

Base Prices:

Character Sketch: $10

Sketch of a character with no background.

Full Sketch: $20

Full sketch of a character including a full background. Grey-scale sections of flat colour as shown in the examples are optional.

Coloured Character: $30

Coloured character with no background.

Full Coloured Picture: $50+

Full picture of a character with a background. Prices will vary depending on the difficulty of the background. If you're wanting to commission a full coloured picture feel free to contact me and I'll make an estimate.


Extra characters: +50% of base price

This only really applies to characters on the same scale. If you're wanting smaller characters, their costs will be determined by a fraction of the main character's size. For example a character half the size of the main character would be +25% the base price of the picture.

Complicated character details:

These vary depending on what the character is, but characters with complicated detailing on them, for example multiple sets of wings will cost extra.

Inserts: +50% of base price

Inserts are drawn as separate pictures and inserted into a picture separately. Due to the resolution I draw, these also end up showing quite a lot of detail.

General Information

  • I only accept payment in the form of PayPal. Upon starting the commission I will contact you with my PayPal details. I prefer to take payments after the commission sketch is complete and confirmed. However if you prefer to pay half in advance and half upon receiving the picture, that is also fine.
  • I will not draw any adult rated art at all. This includes a lot of fetish related art. If you have any doubt over whether or not I will draw something, feel free to ask.
  • All sketches will be drawn in at least 2000px * 2000px resolution. All full pictures will be drawn around 3000px * 3000px. If you are wanting a picture to be drawn in a specific aspect ratio (for example, for print, or for use as a wallpaper) contact me before the sketch is completed.
  • When I'm drawing art, I will most likely be broadcasting a stream over on Livestream:
  • All work will be drawn digitally in Adobe Photoshop CS4. If at the end of the commission you would like a copy of the PSD file feel free to contact me for it.
  • All art produced in a commission will be posted by myself on, and and will be available for download in high resolution.
  • If you would like work in progress versions of the pictures saving, feel free to ask before I start working on the commission.
  • If you are interested in a print of a commission, and the work doesn't involve any copyrighted characters, they will be available on Deviant Art. If you were the person who commissioned the picture, feel free to contact me and I will take out my sale bonus to make it slightly cheaper.
  • If you're curious about any other type of project that doesn't fit the above descriptions, (for example a commission drawn in the "My Little Pony" style, or a Flash animation) feel free to contact me.

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