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Virtual Rampage by Kenj

10 June 2012

Sakura was originally going to get a surprise picture for my birthday, but was worried that I'd be offended by having her character in a gift. So she asked me what I was okay with and such, and i said I was absolutely fine with having her character, as well as making my character human so both she and the artist are more happy with the picture too, being from a non furry background. Human Erika isn't something that I'd normally draw myself but Kenju's done an absolutely fantastic job at keeping her very faithful to the original design, while making her human too. The spiked collar around her neck is a really nice touch, a one that I really like. Anyway, the whole mixing playing with cities and planets at the same time thing is so very Erika, that I just love how it's came out. So thanks to both Sakura for commissioning it, and Kenju for drawing it. You both did great!

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